My job is to “depersonalize” the houses for sale or rent.
I am environments like a “blank sheet”, which is able to adapt to the tastes of most prospective buyers, because our homes have many details that reflect our aesthetic sense.


But to sell / rent a house, you need to understand the point of view of the customer.
How is it done?
Step 1 – Start the analysis of the area and the size of the apartment, so as to identify who will be most affected (singles, families, students, seniors).
Step 2 – I eliminate all the things that characterize the environment too: the ornaments ethnic, excess furniture, family photographs, the walls in bright colors or no character.
Step 3 – is important to consider the building from the point of view of cleanliness and order: sometimes you just whiten and do some work of maintenance, how to fix a doorknob, a leaky faucet, to easily change the appearance of a home.
Step 4 – Finished “enhance” the environment, creating your personal Business Card: The Photo Book – without altering the reality, we will optimize with the right lights and the ideal colors, the full potential of your home.

It is finished according to two simple rules:
Exploit the strengths and reducing defects,
– Support a budget LOW COST or equal to ZERO !!!!

. . . the first information session is FREE. . . and not binding. . .

…There are no ugly houses but just houses not looked after well…

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